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Be a part of the first Cheer & Dance World Global Unity Project!

Support our Japan cheer & dance community and the people of Japan by purchasing shirts, bows and postcards designed exclusively to benefit the cause!

Shirt: A Courage & Hope for Japan special edition shirt by Karma Returns and One Viper is available to support the cause! Click here to get your shirt. Shirts are $20 plus shipping.

Bows: Two beautiful bows are available to support Japan. Click the bow you like or this link to go to our eBay site and get yours! Thanks to Platinum Cheer Gear for these beautiful designs!

Post Card: What a thoughtful way to help Japan and receive a beautiful keepsake for only a $5 donation This card was designed by Valina Eckley, exclusively for our cause, and is also available on her Dream to Cheer blog.

The Geisha holds a Cherry Blossom branch and a paper crane. In Japan, Cherry Blossoms symbolize the transient nature of life. You can read the story below about the paper crane. The ninja symbolizes courage. Our cheerleader symbolizes spirit - It is our hope to lift the hearts and spirits of the Japanese people. The Japanese on the card translates to: Good luck Tohoku (north east Japan, where the quake hit) lets work together and do our best. Good luck Japan!

Japanese legend says that anyone who folds 1000 paper cranes so pleases the gods, and he or she is granted a wish. Sadako Sasaki was a Japanese girl from Hiroshima, Japan. At age eleven, she was diagnosed with leukaemia, the "atom bomb disease". Sadako's best friend told her the legend, and she decided to fold 1000 cranes. She had folded a total of 644 paper cranes by the time she died, age 12, in 1955. Sadako's friends and classmates completed the 1000 cranes which were buried with her. A statue to honour Sadako stands at Hiroshima now. Today the paper crane symbolises peace, hope and prayer.

私達は日本にいるチアリーダーたちとダンサーたち、日本チアリーダー協会、チアリーデング国際連合(IFC, 本部:東京)、および日本の皆様のためにチアーワルードのサポートを提供するために活動しています。


私たちは、サポートの手段や機会など、入手できた情報を皆さんに提供させていただきます。また、日本のチア家族の為に希望のメッセージ、応援のメッセージ、祈り、愛のメッセージを書きたい方、是非 我々のフェイスブック(Facebook)のページでコメントしてください。なお、募金したい方、支援情報をお持ちの方、御質問がある方、どうぞお気軽に weshare@cheerforacause.orgまでメールしてください。


We are working to unite Cheer World support for cheerleaders and dancers in Japan, the Japan Cheerleading Association, the International Federation of Cheerleading (based in Tokyo), and the people of Japan.

On  March 11, 2011, a 9.0 magnitude earthquake and devastating tsunami hit Japan. Serious nuclear fears exist. Thousands of lives have been lost and so many are missing. Over 450,000 have lost their homes.

We have created a facebook page - it's the place to leave messages of hope, encouragement, prayer and love for our cheer family in Japan. If you would like to make a donation, share an opportunity for support or have questions, please email

Join us. We are looking for a cross-industry global team to assist in selecting the charities we support, oversee website content for a region of Asia (in that language), serve as “ambassadors”, open doors to allow our exposure at events and assist in establishing partnerships key to the success of Cheer for a Cause. If you are interested in furthering our mission and being a part of the team, please email us.

Mission. Cheer for a Cause works to create significant charitable impact by uniting the Spirit World to support causes affecting our global spirit family, through $1 and greater donations and encouraging individual, team and organization fundraising and volunteer projects.

Cheer and dance athletes are inspired, full of drive and ambition, and thrive through the spirit of teamwork. By unifying support for initiatives/causes, partnering with event producers and spirit industry businesses, and celebrating the efforts taking place within the Spirit World, the result will be significant charitable impact.

"Our lives change as we change the lives of others."

- Julie Bolton