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Founder & Global Advisory Board

Julie Bolton is the founder of Cheer for a Cause and prior owner of Coach Julie Cheers, where she produced youth cheerleading training DVDs. Julie has 17 years experience in youth cheer, her teams have competed at the national level many times and she is the Central Florida administrator for American Youth Cheer. Julie is passionate about mentoring youth and building self-esteem through the sport of cheer. She has volunteered for numerous charities including the National Kidney Foundation, Feeding America and Harvest Time International. Julie’s professional career includes 27 years in commercial construction, real estate and finance – ranging from offshore drilling rigs across the world to financing projects like 7 World Trade Center in NYC. She has worked on site at Houston’s Johnson Space Center in the Mission Control Center and for firms like Fluor and Bank of America. Julie is a brand new grandma and has two grown children. She and her husband Bruce have been married for 25 years and live in Central Florida. Email Julie

Advisory Board

Mike Pare (USA) is the president of Spirit Cheer and UCA's All Star Director. He is a former University of Kentucky cheerleader and was a UCA instructor for several years. Mike is also an assistant coach at University of Central Florida, and was prominently featured in the WeTV Channel's "Cheerleader U", where audiences watched him interact with and instruct the UCF cheerleaders during their season. Pare started Spirit Cheer in 1998, with the goal of providing safe competitive events, but never forfeiting the fun for their participants. Spirit Cheer is one of many event providers in the Varsity family of brands. Pare is also the newly-elected 2011 chairperson of the Spirit Industry Trade Associaton (SITA). Email Mike

Nicole Khayat (USA) After attending Columbia College for Marketing and Broadcasting, Nicole went on to work for two prestigious companies, B96 radio in Chicago, IL, and fashion mega-brand, Burberry. As a longtime highschool, allstar, and professional cheerleader, Nicole wanted to merge her knowledge of the three industries and created Fancy Face Cosmetics. "Marketing is my background, Beauty is my passion, and Cheerleading...well cheerleading is something that I continue to aspire to do, unfortunately, if I so much as THINK about a round-off, backhand spring, full, I see stars, so I've created a makeup brand that will keep me in the industry that I love!" Nicole is the reigning Mrs. Illinois International 2011, and uses her title as well as her business, Fancy Face Cosmetics, to promote the Cheer for a Cause charity. Email Nicole

Patrick Cowherd (USA) is the founder of Indiana Athletics, The Cheerleading Agency LLC, the Dancing Agency LLC, and co-founder of Famous Kidz LLC. He is the owner of Hollywood All Stars with seven locations in Indiana and Hollywood All Stars Performing Arts & Athletics Training Center in Las Vegas. Patrick is a humanitarian, spiritual leader and public speaker. He is affiliated with Remember The Time LLC. He is a three-time Collegiate All American, Co-ed Partner Stunt national title holder and is ranked as one of the top coaches in the nation. Cowherd cheered with the 12-time NCA National Champion University of Louisville in Kentucky and the 9-time National Champion Trinity Valley Community College in Athens, Texas. Patrick produced six cheer-training videos and is an award-winning choreographer. He is a former instructor for NCA. Patrick judges state, national and international events and is the USASF State Director for Indiana. He is a graduate of the University of Louisville in Kentucky. Email Patrick